(Sideburns sold seperately!)

From me, you can buy two caps in a pack for $5. Wig caps are great for keeping your hair from springing out from underneath your wig. Try your local beauty supply for these, too.


I sew four of these combs into your wig -- two at the temples and two in the back. They are wonderful for keeping your wig on, and sometimes eliminate the need for bobby pins altogether! Push these little combs into your hairline and then snap into place.


Always spray and pin Eddie back into place on the sides after you brush him. You can buy a brush from me or try your local drugstore!


Having sideburns is essential to completing the Eddie look. You can draw them on with a black eye pencil in short, small strokes (so they look like real hair, not filled-in rectangles). If you're not that deft with a pencil, you can buy a realistic looking, long-lasting pair of 'burns from me.


To hold the sideburns on, of course! (Buy from me, or try a party store!)