Here's the lovely Jessica Kardos of Mercy Killings, modeling her Columbia wig!

For Columbia, you don't want any of your natural hair color showing through your wig. From me, you can buy two caps in a pack for $5. Wig caps are great for keeping your hair from springing out from underneath your wig. Try your local beauty supply for these, too.


I sew four of these combs into your wig -- two at the temples and two in the back. They are wonderful for keeping your wig on, and sometimes eliminate the need for bobby pins altogether! Push these little combs into your hairline and then snap into place.

VERY lightly re-gel your wig every few shows so the strays don't start popping out! Buy from me for $4, or check your local drugstore. (You'll need to wash your wig when the build-up gets to be too much, but don't panic.)

For hardcore Columbias, spray your natural hairline with this for a seamless look. I recommend applying with a hair dyeing brush, rather than spraying directly onto your hairline. From me, $7, or try your local party store!

You'll need this for keeping and drying your Columbia wig. Buy one from me (with Columbia makeup and all) for only $6.

Buy one from me for $2. To freshen your wig, spray very lightly the night before your show, gently comb your wig into style, and let dry.