Myself, wearing a wig that Emily Dewey wore when she won Best Magenta at both the Bay Area Con in 2000 and the 25th Anniversary Con in Las Vegas!


NOTE: Space Magenta is a very work-intensive wig...she will take longer than average to make!

Emily Dewey, modeling the wig she wore when she won Best Spacesuit at the 25th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas!

You don't want any of your natural hair color showing through your wig. From me, you can buy two caps in a pack for $5. Wig caps are great for keeping your hair from springing out from underneath your wig. Try your local beauty supply for these, too.


I sew four of these combs into your wig -- two at the temples and two in the back. They are wonderful for keeping your wig on, and sometimes eliminate the need for bobby pins altogether! Push these little combs into your hairline and then snap into place.


If you haven't been blessed with a natural widow's peak, you'll need to draw one. Use a dark brown eyeliner pencil in short strokes (like real hair), and don't overdo it! From me, $3, or try your local drugstore!


Use this brush to pouf out your wig if it needs it. You can buy a brush from me for $3 (or, try your local drugstore!) (Note: DO NOT use this brush on your Space Magenta wig!)


You'll need this to keep your Space Magenta wig out of harm's way. From me, it's $6 and comes complete with Magenta makeup already applied!

Space Magenta needs a light spray every few shows and very delicate handling or she'll get out of shape. Buy a large can from me for $4, or find it at your local drugstore.